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Apply here for transcription jobs with TaskUs, Inc. Our offices are located through out Metro Manila. We are currently hiring for our newest opperation in Bacoor, Cavite. We are currently staffing transcriptionists, QAs, Human Resource Assistants, Bookkeepers, Payroll Assistants and Transcription and English Trainers for our operation. To apply please fill out this form:

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TaskUs, Inc. is one of the largest employers of transcriptionists in the Philippines. We provide general, legal and medical transcription services to customers through out the world. This website provides an easy interface to apply for a job as a transcriptionist at one of our offices. After you submit the form with your contact information you will be asked to record a 30 second audio clip. Based on the quality of this transcription you will be called in for a second round interview at one of our office sites. Currently we are need for hundreds of transcriptionists for our Bacoor, Cavite offices. Please tell your friends to use this website to apply for jobs.


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